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In order to be found guilty of Armed Robbery in Massachusetts, the prosecution must prove that you:

1. Were armed with a dangerous weapon,
2. Assaulted a person,
3. Robbed, stole, or took money or property from that person
4. That may be the subject of larceny.

Armed robbery is considered a serious felony in Massachusetts.  It carries up to life in state prison.

The penalties are even more severe, requiring a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison if you were wearing a mask or otherwise disguising your features while committing the robbery.  A subsequent offense of armed robbery while wearing a mask or otherwise disguising your features carries a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison.

Armed Robbery with a firearm carries a mandatory minimum of five years in state prison.  A subsequent offense for armed robbery with a firearm carries a mandatory minimum of fifteen years in state prison.

Defending an armed robbery charge can be very complicated and sophisticated work, especially when one is facing the possibility of life in prison.  It is important for your attorney to consider all possible defenses, including motions to suppress.  A skilled defense attorney can recognize whether a faulty identification procedures led to your arrest, or if certain evidence was obtained illegally.  An experienced attorney might also be able to work out a deal in which the charges are amended down to unarmed robbery or larceny.

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