Marijuana Possession in Massachusetts: What is Now Legal, and What Remains Illegal Urbelis Law Reaches Settlement with Chelsea Police Officers on Behalf of Client Massachusetts Court of Appeals Warns Vigilance When Charging Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana Stun Guns Will Have the Same Second Amendment Protections as Firearms in Massachusetts New Massachusetts “Designer” Drug Law Could Create Confusion 2015 Case Results at Urbelis Law Massachusetts Judge Changes Mind on Evidence in Aaron Hernandez’s Criminal Trial Aaron Hernandez Trial, Part 2: Prosecution Begins Its Case Criminal Defense Attorney Arrested for Defending Her Client’s Constitutional Rights Aaron Hernandez Trial, Part 1: The Opening Statements Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Mandatory Jury Instruction in all Massachusetts Criminal Trials Former Middlesex County, Massachusetts Prosecutor Charged After Supplying Confidential Information to His Drug Dealer Former Patriot Aaron Hernandez: MA Rules of Evidence May be the Key to Winning His Criminal Trial Massachusetts Man Wrongly Accused Brockton Man Indicted on Drug and Gun Charges Firearm Legislation in Massachusetts Boston Red Sox Broadcaster’s Son Charged with Murder Massachusetts Voodoo Woman Mocks Cop and Gets Charged with 2nd OUI Bulger Case Leaves More Questions Than Answers Massachusetts Man Faces OUI & Drug Charges Massachusetts Man Arrested for Operating Under the Influence Twice in Three Days The Truth About Massachusetts Drunk Driving Statistics are Revealed in Special Counsel’s Report Massachusetts State Police 20 Pound Marijuana Bust Could be Tossed Man Arrested 2 Times in 3 Hours for Same Criminal Charge Should I Take the Breathalyzer in Massachusetts? Second Chances: Implications of Massachusetts’ New Criminal Record Sealing Law DUI-Manslaughter Convict Sues His Dead Victims Police Presence at Methuen Superintendent’s Home Sparks Confusion on Massachusetts’ Minor in Possession of Alcohol Law Andover’s “Wet Biscuit” Scandal High Acquittal Rate for Jury-Waived OUI Trials in Massachusetts is Not a Result of Judicial Leniency Police Chief Misinterprets OUI Conviction Rate Drunk Driving Technology Threatens Personal Liberty Massachusetts Antibullying Plans: Enforceable? Massachusetts Police Honored for Both Valid & Invalid Drunk Driving Arrests Saugus Teen Charged with 10 Counts in Drunk Driving Case: 4 Won’t Stick Massachusetts Field Sobriety Tests: 10 Reasons to Always Refuse
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