I received a citation for Operating Under the Influence but was not arrested- is there a difference?

Massachusetts OUI citation

If you were not arrested, but received a citation for Operating Under the Influence, you face the same potential penalties as anyone who has been arrested for the same charge. However, receiving a citation instead of an arrest does have one very important benefit. If you sign the back of the citation and mail it to the court within 4 days, requesting a hearing, you will then receive notice of a hearing date. This hearing, known as a "show cause" or "clerk magistrate's" hearing, provides you with an opportunity to be heard before a formal criminal complaint/ charge is issued against you. DO NOT GO TO THIS HEARING WITHOUT A LAWYER. You have the right to remain silent, and anything that you say at this hearing can be used against you later if the case is set for prosecution.  And, without a lawyer present, you lack the benefit of having an expert speak and ask questions on your behalf, meaning that every word out of your mouth becomes evidence against you. 

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