Intimidation of a Witness

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In Massachusetts, the definition of “Intimidation of a Witness” is extremely broad, but the penalties can be severe.   

Example: You may be in an argument with your spouse or significant other who threatens to call the police.   If you try to convince this person to handle your issues without police involvement, you could be charge with witness intimidation!  This is just one example of how witness intimidation charges can stem from the most innocent circumstances.  Unfortunately, once you are charged with a crime, even the alleged victim (in my example, your spouse or significant other) does not have the option of dropping the charges.  In fact, if you both show up at the court together to discuss the case with the prosecutor in hopes of having it dropped, you are doing yourself a major disservice!  The prosecutor can, and will, use anything you say against you if the case goes to trial.  With the very strong stance district attorneys are taking against domestic violence, I can tell you that this type of charge will not be dismissed without a fight. 

If you have been charged with intimidation of a witness, do not discuss the case with whoever you are accused of intimidating.  You may have good intentions on resolving your issues with this person, or perhaps the whole situation was a misunderstanding.  However, any further contact with this person could result in additional charges, and this offense carries up to 2 ½ years in jail.  If you have been charged with intimidation of a witness, contact my office immediately for your free consultation.

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