Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury

Massachusetts Leaving the Scene Defense Attorney

In Massachusetts, Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury is considered a serious offense.  Under the law, the penalties are very similar to those for Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, with a longer minimum mandatory license loss (1 year) from the Massachusetts RMV and $1000 fine.  In reality, though, they are treated much more seriously.  Prosecutors are far less inclined to work out a deal short of a criminal conviction, or even jail time, when you knowingly drove away from an accident that caused actual personal injury to the victim.  Not only are the stakes much higher in the Massachusetts criminal justice system, but at any time up to 2 years after the accident you could also be facing a civil law suit with hospital bills, out of pocket expenses, and pain and suffering claims.  Your first step should be to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney who can protect your rights and your freedom, helping you get the best outcome possible. 

I can often work with both the prosecution and the victim advocates within the District Attorney's Office to execute an "Accord and Satisfaction."  This can ensure a fair resolution for everyone involved, without a criminal conviction that would stay with my client for life.

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