Receiving Stolen Property

If you have been charged with buying or receiving stolen property in Massachusetts, you may not have even known that the property you acquired was stolen. In order to be convicted, the prosecution must prove your knowledge that the property was stolen. If you made an honest mistake about the property, then your case is probably worth fighting.

In some situations, the prosecution might not have a problem showing that you knew the property was stolen. In this case, there may be other defense strategies available, such as motions to suppress based on a violation of your constitutional rights.

In some cases, working out a deal may be your best option. We can discuss your options to negotiate a deal with the prosecution that works best for you. I will fight to take jail time off the table, and in most cases I can work out a deal to avoid a criminal conviction.

In Massachusetts, Receiving stolen property worth less than $250 carries the following potential penalties:

  • Up to $250 fine and 2 ½ years in jail (first offense- misdemeanor)
  • Up to $500 fine and 5 years state prison (second offense- felony)

In Massachusetts, Receiving stolen property over $250 carries up to $500 fine and 5 years state prison (felony).

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