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If you received notice that the Massachusetts RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) intends to suspend your license, you should contact my office immediately.  Time is usually of the essence when it comes to protecting your right to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. 

You may have received this notice following a criminal conviction- even if that conviction was for an offense that has nothing to do with driving.  You may have received this notice following a charge of Operating under the Influence of Alcohol.  Or perhaps you received this notice because of several motor vehicle infractions that accumulated over time.  Whatever the reason, you have a limited time to appeal the pending suspension.  If the suspension is for multiple traffic infractions and the time has elapsed for challenging those charges (i.e. you either paid the citation or already lost an appeal), then you will not be able to challenge those findings.  However, you can still challenge the RMV's decision to suspend your license FOR those charges.  There may be legal grounds, such as improper notice, deficient records, a change in motor vehicle laws, etc.  You may also be eligible for a hardship license, which requires well-prepared documentation.  In any event, an RMV appeal requires adequate preparation by a skilled Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Defense Attorney, so contact my office as soon as you receive notice of intent to suspend your license.

If you have received notice by the Massachusetts RMV of intent to suspend your license, contact my office for your free initial consultation.

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