Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

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Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle

The Massachusetts charge of Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle is often the result of a misunderstanding. This charge usually comes about when you are driving a friend's car and are either pulled over or involved in an accident without a proper of valid Massachusetts Driver's license. Then, in order for your friend to avoid the criminal charge of allowing a person without a valid license to operate a motor vehicle, he/she caves and tells the police that you were never given permission to drive the car. Now you are facing a criminal charge that carries the following penalties:

  • Up to $500 fine and 2 years in jail (first offense)
  • If convicted, 1 year mandatory minimum license loss, up to 3 year license loss
  • Up to $1000 fine and 5 years state prison (second offense- felony)

In order to be found guilty of Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts, the prosecution must prove that you used the car knowing that you did not have permission to do so. Therefore, if we can show that there was a misunderstanding as to whether you had such permission, you are entitled to a finding of not guilty on this charge. Additionally, the prosecution must show that you actually used the motor vehicle, meaning that you were either driving the car or were a passenger in the car while it was moving, without permission of someone who had authority to allow such use of the car. Simply being in the car while it is not moving is insufficient for you to be convicted of this crime.

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